Signature Box

Ashley West

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Step into the enchanting realm of Heatless Curls curated by Ashley West, where each Signature Collection box is a testament to her passion for effortless beauty. Infused with Ashley’s essence, these meticulously chosen items encapsulate the very soul of her celebrated heatless hair styling routine.

Immerse yourself in the Complete Signature Box, a treasure trove of luxuries:

- Indulge in the opulence of the Luxurious Peau De Soie Hair Bonnet, designed to cradle your tresses in elegance.
- Enhance your curls with our special Quintessence Hair Essence Mist, adding a touch of definition and allure to your heatless overnight curls.
- Embrace the magic of the 2 Velcro Rollers, a cornerstone of Ashley’s exclusive heatless curl technique for achieving picture-perfect waves.
- Choose between the Original or Jumbo size heatless curler, adorned in Ashley’s signature colors, and elevate your styling game to new heights.
- Seal the deal with the Detangle Hero brush, your ultimate tool for refining and perfecting your flawless look.

This extraordinary ensemble, valued at $101, can now be yours at our most generous discount yet: only $75.99.

Step into the world of Ashley West's Heatless Curls and embrace the beauty of effortless styling like never before.