Starter Box

Ashley West

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Dive into Ashley West's magical world of Heatless Curls with the Starter Box, a budget-friendly selection showcasing essential "starter items" from Ashley's renowned overnight curls routine.

Discover the Starter Box, your gateway to effortless styling:

- Embrace the allure of Quintessence Hair Essence Mist, a key component for seamless styling inspired by Ashley’s artistry.
- Master the technique with 2 Velcro Rollers, fundamental in achieving Ashley's coveted heatless curls.
- Select between the Original or Jumbo size heatless curler set, drenched in Ashley’s signature color scheme, to commence your styling journey.

Priced at a value of $60.00, this box is now yours for a special discounted rate of $44.89, enabling you to immerse yourself in Ashley’s world of artistry and grace. Limited stocks available.

Embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of Ashley’s heatless hair styling and experience the epitome of elegance and charm ✨.