About Us

Let us introduce ourselves.

Eternal Muse was founded in February 2021 and is based in Hampshire, UK. 

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect hair accessories and care products.

There is a high chance you came across us because you were browsing for the perfect tool to achieve wonderful frizz-free curls with absolutely ZERO heat involved and we are glad you're here.

Our team worked very hard to perfect the density of our product in order to allow you to create the curls you desire whilst allowing you to sleep comfortably! Did I mention that our Zero Heat sets are handmade too?

We've spent a long time finding the best materials to bring you the high grade Peau De Soie which we use to coat our Curling Rods. It is designed to tame your hair and give your heatless curls the shine and dimension you will fall in love with!

To fill our Curling Rods we use sustainably grown materials with no harm to our environment, which means that not only does it make our product extremely soft and long lasting but it also takes us all a step closer to a cleaner and safer environment - now that's what I call a Win-Win!

We carefully select our products based on your feedback because to us, you ARE the main character and we are proud to say that our products are inspired by YOU!

We hope you've found what you are looking for and you are here to stay!

Kind Regards, 

Eternal Muse Hair team