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the eternal muse way for the best nights sleep

Wake up and feel empowered knowing that in less than 1 minute you'll achieve effortless curls with Zero Heat damage.

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  • I adore using heatless curlers! Everything came in excellent condition, beautifully packaged, and very promptly! After using them for the last three months, my hairdresser even remarked on how healthy my hair is.

    - Alisha - USA

    The MIDI is a game changer ....

    The curler itself was really easy to use. Even at my first attempt I got amazing tight curls I was more than happy with and were better than most I’ve gotten from regular curling irons. It took me maybe 5 minutes to put it in before bed and I had no problems whatsoever sleeping with it. The curl comb was also incredible and a product I definitely think you should pick up if you’re thinking about placing an order from Eternal Muse.

    Over all I was extremely satisfied with the products and the company and would definitely recommend them to others!

    - Selma S - SWEDEN

    Flawless all round…..

    The curler and scrunchies are excellent quality and work amazingly. What was 15 minutes doing my hair every morning for it to look distinctly average, is now 2 minutes for it to look like I’ve just walked out of the hairdresser! (ZERO HEAT SET - ORIGINAL)

    - katie sadlier - United Kingdom

    Unlock your muse and feel empowered

    Become part of the movement of removing heat out of your hair routine while still waking up to effortless curls in next to no time.

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