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The type of fabric you sleep on at night could have a huge effect on your hair.


Sleeping on cotton or low quality pillowcases can be very rough on the strands of your hair, creating friction, and friction equals great potential for breakage and shedding.


Opting to sleep on our Peau De Soie or pure silk pillowcase will significantly help reduce and prevent damage to your hair, make it more manageable and add extra shine to your locks.


What is Peau De Soie?


Peau de Soie fabric is a blend of duchess satin and 100% vegan silk which is designed to care for your skin and hair like no other.


Why did we choose this specific fabric?


We’ve spent countless hours researching to find that silk has a tendency to mirror your body temperature which could be a nightmare in the hot summer days. On the other hand, satin stays cool but unfortunately isn’t as soft as the silk option. So to bring you the best of both worlds, we’ve used a fabric which combines both so you have the luxury of experience without the price tag


The pillowcase sets will include:

x1 Pillowcase (size 50x75cm)

x1 Eye mask

x1 Scrunchie


The pillowcase only option will include:

x1 Pillowcase (size 50x75cm)